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Lijiang Romance Park

The Park locates besides Yulong Mountain. It is a living Tea-Horse Ancient Town, consists of theme attractions like Tea-Horse Ancient Street, Nacuo Lake and dozens of high-tech interactive programs, which jointly presents the thousand-year culture and exotic history of Lijiang. With the core performance The Romantic Show of Lijiang, as well as other splendid shows like Lijiang Love Song, The Earthquake, and Bonfire Dance on stage, visitors will set off to look for their own Shambhala.

  • Songcheng Chama Ancient City

  • Xunqing Valley

  • Nacuo Village

Songcheng Chama Ancient City

Lijiang is founded on the Ancient Route of Chama and is thrived by it. Lijiang Songcheng Resort has built a live Songcheng Chama Ancient City: when you walk through the Chama Street, Caravan Square, Lisu and Dai Village, you can see wine, toufu, tobacco, tea, iron workshops everywhere, as well as people bargaining in the market, horse bell ringing, iron forging; tasty smells of buttered tea, and barbecues, flower cakes, all together creates a great atmosphere. A time-travel journey of Chama.

Xunqing Valley

Nakhi youth thought “if there’s no freedom for love, I would rather be dead”. Die for love is so moving and tragic. So let us witness love and friendship in Xunqing Valley.

Nacuo Village

It is Shambhala belonging to us. Adjoining upon Nacuo Sea, blocks of Tibetan blockhouses and wooden houses composed of a heavenly village between the blue sky and white clouds and the prairie. In the village, there are theme areas such as Prayer Flag Square and Square Street.

Lijiang Paradise

Lijiang Paradise is an amusement park in Yunnan Province with the highest altitude in China. It is a fun paradise for adventurous young people to challenge themselves and sprinkle their passion.