Beijing Six Rooms Technology Co., Ltd ( was established in March, 2006. It is one of the national high-tech companies as well as the major companies in the core zone of Zhongguancun. In 2010, launched its business transformation towards online streaming, which made it one of the earliest explorers and developers of Chinese internet streaming industry. In 2011, has been authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of PRC as one of the first experimental units of internet performance. In 2013 and 2014, was awarded the Innovative Case of Internet Visual - Audio Program by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television for two years in a row. Besides, has also been awarded the top 100 Chinese internet companies and top 100 companies with high growth rate in Zhongguancun through 2016-2018 consecutively. has now become one of the leading interactive community of pan-entertainment streaming in China. It covers multiple areas of singing & dancing, travelling, opera, intangible heritage, cosmetic, on-line course, e-business and video games. Currently, has signed over 300,000 streamers with daily streaming for over 60,000 hours, and developed cooperation with over 3,000 art performing management agencies.

In 2015, Songcheng Performance completed the merger and acquisition of, which generated fairly good brand recognition and impacts, and further established an eco-system focusing on O2O interactive entertainment. In June 2018, initiated the re-construction with Beijing Mijing Hefeng Technology Co., Ltd, who is the major operator of Huajiao Streaming. That was a combination of an explorer and an innovator. The integration of mobile and webpage platforms would further contribute to their inter-compensation of flow, users, streamers, operations, and cost management, to enlarge the scale of capital, as well as to consolidate and further promote the leading position and impact of the reorganized entity in the streaming industry.

It is the very vision and duty for to “provide you a stage for streaming your splendid trivial life”. In the future, will continue enriching the contents and making innovative products to keep leading the development of internet streaming industry, telling Chinese stories, and realizing the dreams for those who keep pursuing their dreams.

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