Love Song series Performance Production

Love Song series are another tourism performance brand created by Songcheng Performance succeeding its signature Romance Show series. With bold breakthroughs in stage creation, choreograph techniques and visual effects, Love Song of Lijiang and Love Song of Lady Xishi, currently on stage, have enjoyed tremendous popularity.

Large-scale Live-action Performance Love Song of Lijiang

Love Song of Lijiang features the poignant and tragic love story between Abodah, a young Tibetan man, and Gajimi, a girl from Naxi nationality. In this show, audiences will be hold in awe by many surprising and dazzling moments: young and strong Tibetan men climbing up volcano, cutting through boulders, calling up huge waves and extricating their populace from a disaster. Also, beautiful dances from minority nationality also enable tourists experience the shock and wonder of a live-action performance.

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Large-scale Indoor Live-action Performance Love Song of Lady Xishi

Love Song of Lady Xishi features the History of Hangzhou, the story of Wu and Yue contending for hegemony as well as the love story between Fanyi and Lady Xishi, presenting a touching romance in Spring and Autumn Era. The show is aesthetic and poetic. One can see the anger and grief of the conquered people, the vengeance and endurance of the affronted people, the bravery and fervency of the three thousand of soldiers, the tenacity and perseverance of the beautiful heroine, and the enthusiasm and calm of an ancient beauty.

Love Story of Lady Xishi has brought the ancient romance buried in the green waves of Xiang Lake in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou back in view and made the cultural characteristic of Hanghzou more vivid.

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