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      Zhangjiajie Romance Park is located in Wulingyuan Scenic Area, the core scenicspot of Zhangjiajie. It has four theme areas: Dayong Ancient Street, Taoyuan Secret Land, Sea of Lovers and Rotten Apple Parent-Child Paradise. Here, the old and the young can have a good time together whether the weather is fine or showery.

      The intangible cultural heritage and handicraft workshops gather in Dayong Ancient City, thus giving you a chance to fully experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage. The driving dead body in the ghost house in Taoyuan Secret Land, the hall of Chiyou calling the wind and the storm and other high-tech experience projects may create a pleasant surprise. The Sea of Lovers has love bridge, love port and beach, which is a good place for young people for relaxation. The whole family can be happy together there. The large-scale singing and dancing The Romantic Show of Zhangjiajie, the core project of the scenic spot, is a performance worth being fully appreciated.

      Zhangjiajie Romance Park,give us one day and we will repay you with thousands of years’experience!


Address:Wulingyuan District,Zhangjiajie,Hunan