Xi’an Songcheng Shows Kingdom is jointly created by Xi'an Shiyuan Investment Co., Ltd, and Songcheng Performance. The Romantic Show of Xi’an is a must-see performance in a lifetime. It uses unique artistic expression techniques to capture fragments of Xi’an culture and dedicate it to the audience. Three thousand tons of floods poured down, hundreds of cubic meters of yellow sand rushed in, breaking the boundary between the stage and the audience area with the combination of virtual and reality, and immersed in an artistic feast. "Great Earthquake", "Guozhuang Carnival", "Guofeng Flash Mob", "Silk Road Joy", "Chang'an Prosperity",and dozens of performing arts shows also awaits. You cannot finish watching all the shows in one day and you can always find a show that suits you.

In the park, the Century Avenue, Sky City, Lakeside Pavilion, Chang'an Gate, Songcheng Tower, Songcheng Gate, Haunted House, Flame Volcano, Chang'an Square, Performing Arts Square, Songcheng Square, etc., give you different taste of Tang dynasty: Walking in the Guoyan Street, Yanyun Street, wandering on the tree-lined roads by the lake, the silver sand beach, Jinxiu Lake, and Chang'an Tower complement each other. Old or young, rainy or sunny, visitors will always find entertainment in Xi’an Songcheng Shows Kingdom, a highly integrated destination of performances, tourism, and vacation. Lifer is a journey, and what matters are the views along the road.

Xi’an Songcheng Shows Kingdom, stage your life!

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