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      Zhangjiajie Romance Park revives tens of thousands of years of Zhangjiajie history, as well as its exotic local tradition. Be it rainy or sunny, old or young, visitors will always find amusement in this park. The magnificent Romantic Goddess statue standing in the park symbolizes the truth, kindness and beauty of Hunan people, and harmonizes with the exotic mountains and rivers in Zhangjiajie. The park contains dozens of children entertainment facilities including Jungle Adventure, Carousal, Naughty Fort, Bumper Cars, which is just the ideal place for family activities. High-tech attractions like Riverside Paint cinema, Walking Dead Ghost House, Storm Studio and Strange Street also await visitors with surprises. Besides, there are numerous intangible cultural heritage and hand-craft workshops gathered in Dayong Ancient Village, including Tujia brocade, Xiang embroidery, Nuo Opera masks, sugar paint, pottery making etc. for visitors to embrace the charming intangible culture

      The very core attraction in the park is The Romantic Show of Zhangjiajie, which is a must-see show in lifetime. Besides, there are also dozens of art performance shows and high-tech shows like Bonfire Carnival, Tribe Princess Selects Her Husband, Ancient Military Parade, Time-travel Flash etc. awaiting to serve the visitors a feast of culture and technology.

      Zhangjiajie Romance Park, give us one day and we will repay you with thousands of years’experience.


Address:Wulingyuan District,Zhangjiajie,Hunan